Fixer-Upper PT

Donna Smyers Physical Therapy OfficeI opened Donna Smyers Fixer-Upper PT in Adamant in April, 2012. Fixer-Upper Physical Therapy is named both for the house that my partner Eric renovated for my office and for the work that I do.  My specialty is helping athletes of all ages return to their activities through manual therapy, exercise, education, orthotics and other modalities.

The office is located where “All Roads Lead to Adamant” at the corner of Haggett Rd, Center Rd and Adamant Rd across from the Adamant Coop on the East Montpelier/Calais town line. Call me at 802-229-4393 for an appointment, contact me on Facebook, or email I provide physical therapy and coaching on a fee-for-service basis. This keeps the prices low as I do not bill insurance but will provide a receipt in case your insurance will reimburse you for out-of-network costs. With this model, you know in advance the charges, which are $100 for an evaluation of 60-90 minutes, $85 for a follow-up visit of 45-75 minutes. For visits that are less than 40 minutes, I adjust the price appropriately. Many people need just 1 or 2 visits to address their questions and injuries and get them on the road to recovery.