Elmore Triathlon Series

 2017 Elmore Practice Triathlon Series

This is the 11th year of a low-key fun series for both beginning and veteran triathletes.  There will be no race amenities or awards, but results and splits will be posted. Proceeds from the series will support Green Mountain Multisport Youth Program.

 Dates: Thursdays June 8 and 22 and July 6

 Time: 6:30 p.m. Register between 5:30 and 6:15 pm.


  • Swim ¼ mile in Elmore Lake from the State Park beach
  • Bike 9.7 miles out/back on Rte 12 S from Lake Elmore
  • Run 2.5 miles out/back on Beach Rd and dirt roads.

Charge: $20 for the series (may do from 1-3 of the events). Participants will also need to have an annual ($50) or one event ($15) USA Triathlon membership for insurance. A single one event USAT membership covers all 3 sessions. Relay participants are charged the same as individuals. Participants may do relay or individual triathlon, aquathlon, or aquabike event each week with their single entry. No refunds or transfers of entry fee will be permitted.  A maximum of 40 participants will be allowed any week (first-come).

YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP: Youth (17 & under) are free with $10 USAT annual membership. Youth 14 and under are not permitted to ride the bike portion, they may participate in relays or the aquathlon.

Use of Lake Elmore State Park:

Competitors and spectators must pay the day use fee and park in the Elmore State Park lot. Use of the park will be limited to the bath house facilities and the swim start/finish. The transition zone will be along the fence and the grass along Beach Rd.  The State Park permit limits each event to 40 or fewer participants, which will be first come, first served.

USA Triathlon Sanctioning

Participants only need to register (and pay) once for the series. Since this is sanctioned as a triathlon clinic, there will be a brief educational component each night at 6:30 pm.

Proposed topics:         

week 1: Swim & Bike Safety, USAT Rules

week 2: Transition Skills

week 3: Follow up/ Final Picnic

Participants must sign a USAT waiver and must have annual USAT membership card and photo ID on hand at registration or pay $15 for one day USAT license for the series. All USAT rules apply during the event (helmets, no drafting, etc); there will be an honor system for maintaining the rules. See www.usatriathlon.org for additional information.

The roads will be open during the bike and run. Participants must stay to the right on the bike and yield to vehicles at the turn-around and when turning left onto Beach Rd.

Contact info: Donna Smyers 229-4393, dosmyers@gmail.com, fax: 371-0055

It is recommended that you email or call prior to attending so I may contact you in case there is additional information or the race needs to be cancelled due to weather or other circumstances. For additional information and results see www.donnasmyers.com.


SWIM: ¼ mile (400m). Start at the beach to the left of the ropes. The swim is 2 laps around the swim area buoy lines in a counter clockwise direction. Much of the swim is not over your head, so you may stand, but should not make progress by walking or diving forward except as you reach more shallow water to exit the swim.

BIKE: ~9.8 miles. Leave Transition on Beach Rd toward Rte 12. Turn Right (south) on Rte 12. At ~4.9 miles, turn around and come back. There will be an orange line and a cone at the turnaround. Please turn around and turn left back into Beach Rd only when safe to do so. Cars have the right of way at these turns. Please be aware of drivers exiting and entering the Elmore Store—they may not notice you, so may not yield the right of way. Mount and dismount on the pavement prior to entering transition.

RUN: 2.5 miles. Follow Beach Rd away from Rte 12. It bends to the left and becomes a dirt road. As it appears to end, turn left onto Wigner Rd for a short distance before turning around at the cone for the return. There will be lime markings and usually a volunteer near the turn. Remember that people live on these roads. Stay to the left when traffic is present. Watch for fire trucks entering/exiting from the station.

TRANSITION: Unassigned set up on the fence near the road. First come first served for set up position.

You must dismount bike on the road at or before dismount line and start the run at the designated line.






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